Presentation of the Studio of Intermedia

We invite you to a presentation of the Studio of Intermedia of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design Bratislava under the leadership of Jana Kapelová and Roman Bicek, whose individual exhibitions you can currently see in the Synagogue. The presentation of the studio will consist of separate examples of work, but also of the activities of the students that they are currently engaged in.

  • Venue:

  • When

    • 25.5.2023 o 17:00


List of presenters:

  • Frederike Böhm

  • Daniela Dolinská

  • Norbert Kuki

  • Július Majerník

  • Kristína Anna Vachová

  • Alexander Zigo


Studio of Intermedia

it is an open space for sharing ideas, opinions and experiences. It takes into account the individuality of each student and focuses on their self-development. The topics of the semester papers are chosen by the students themselves, they often touch on social and personal topics such as relationships, fascination, otherness, equality. The outputs consist of works with overlaps between media, from video, sound, photography, performance, text, spatial installation, interactive works, interventions in space, to classic artistic expressive forms such as painting, drawing and object. During their studies, students are led to critical thinking, open communication and concentration on the creative process of creation of works. The studio is built on regular meetings between the studio management and the students, who consult together, cook, participate in workshops, lectures, visit exhibitions, theater performances, and go on trips together.