On behalf of the Divadelná Nitra Association and the bod.K7 cultural space, we cordially invite you to the opening of the new exhibition in the Behind the Glass Gallery, curated by Katarína Jankechová. You can see the exhibition in the windows of bod.K7 until September 1, 2024.


  • bod.K7

    • Štefánikova trieda 4/7, 949 01 Nitra


  • Opening date: Wednesday, July 3, 2024 at 5 p.m

  • You can see the exhibition in the windows of bod.K7 until September 1, 2024.



About the exhibition

The exhibition project Banality of a well-dressed chicken opens the second thematic part of the exhibition program of the Behind the Glass Gallery, which is devoted to the topic of position of women in society.


Dajana Marcinková

is an intermedia artist whose work primarily deals with drawing, drawing traces with frequent overlaps into other media or space. A graduate of Studio vvv (visual – verbal – public) of the Department of Intermedia at the AFAD, she also spent time in the last year of her studies in an supplementary studio – Studio 3EAM of the Department of Painting, which shifted her thinking in drawing itself as a technique. The banality of a well-dressed chicken is her diploma thesis, in which the author examines a strongly stereotypical view of the female body - the ironic title itself highlights the paradox of the overall situation in which women find themselves. They are objectified for their own physicality and in principle it does not matter what they are wearing. Sexual dimorphism becomes the primary concern in the context of the contrast between human and animal actors (pheasants) with a focus on the female body and a highly sexualized lens through which society views women as objects of "gazing". The author asks herself whether it is possible for a woman to become a pheasant in this figurative sense. It is through drawing that she depicts the female body undergoing this metamorphosis. The woman struggles with the transformation, tries to accept it as her own, and at the same time melts into the silhouettes of the uncertainty of the convulsive and deformed poses of this dance of physicality. Figurative-abstract dynamic lines are lost in the drawings due to their processuality, performative, even choreographic drawing texture. The line fades just like the female body. The woman transforms, struggles with the pheasant's body, until they become one body, one soul.


Dajana Marcinková is a recent graduate of the AFAD. She studied at Studio vvv of the Intermedia Department (supervisor: Martin Piaček). During her studies, she completed an supplementary internship at the Department of Painting in Studio 3EAM. In her work, the author deals primarily with drawing with frequent overlaps into other media or space. Myths, legends and magic become the narrative of these works, mostly in the context of carnality and femininity, based on felt urgency and introspective themes. Marcinková uses drawing as a form of visual poetry, focuses on the contrasts of two worlds – magical and real, uncovers the issue of bodily autonomy, everyday experience, intimacy and pain.