25.5 opening: ARTROOMS MORAVANY: Slovak Venice. The art of mystification

This year, the sixth edition of the ARTROOMS MORAVANY group exhibition will take place, entitled "Slovak Venice. The art of mystification". We cordially invite everyone to the opening on May 25 from 3 p.m.!



  • Opening: 25.5.2024 from 3 p.m. CET

  • Exhibition duration: 25. 5. - 15. 9. 2024

  • FB event



  • Barbora Komarová and Miroslava Urbanová

Curatorial cooperation:

  • Omar Mirza, Zuzana Sabová


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This year, the sixth edition of the ARTROOMS MORAVANY group exhibition entitled "Slovak Venice. The art of mystification.”

As part of the opening, the exhibition will be presented in the form of a guided tour.

ARTROOMS MORAVANY 6 entitled "Slovak Venice. The Art of Mystification" will present artistic projects that deliberately choose strategies associated with a certain kind of deception as their modus operandi. However, they do so critically, often reacting to current societal phenomena and new technologies: digital manipulation of photos and videos, the development of AI, hoaxes, the ideal of perfection of life on social networks, but also political populism.At the same time, they reflect and make visible various types of manipulation through art in the thrall of ideology in the past, which was programmatically used for this purpose.

The exhibited works work with irony and wit, cultural remixes, sometimes on the edge of good taste, whose boundaries they redefine at the same time. They touch not only on issues related to the relevance of visual culture as one of the languages that we encounter daily in the era of a flood of digital images, but also on issues related to identity, or its construction through the creation of one's desired self-image. They create parallel worlds and realities with their own rules that mimic what we already know and at the same time turn it upside down. They lure viewers into familiar environments and captivating installations, but they do not deliver what they expect from them. What you see is not what you get. The exhibition also works subversively with the historical layers of the mansion and its surroundings, as well as with the collection of Czechoslovak and Soviet Sorella of its current owner.