Think globally, create locally

The essence of the project is to provide students from the Studio of Textile Creation in the space with information from various sources on textile creation. In the field of digital technologies but also handicraft manual processing, so as to stimulate their creativity and ability to communicate naturally in this medium. Achieve that the acquired experience and skills can interconnect and develop into new possibilities. Through the presentation of the work of the most important contemporary textile artists, who would present their work, their experience and creative practices to expand the field of knowledge in this area.

Research team:

Mgr. art. Beáta Gerbócová, M.Sc. art. Henrieta Kurčíková (PhD student), Mgr. art. Júlia Jurinová (PhD student)


Lectures, discussions about creation, inspiration, various principles of the work and thematic workshops, focused on working with materials and technologies.

From this project we expect a better orientation of students in the international professional scene. Improvement in the formulation of individual artistic concepts, the formation of critical thinking in each student. Acquisition of knowledge about creative processes, ways of presentation and adjustment of works within the framework of free art, spatial installations and overlap into the author's design. Greater overview of new technologies and materials. We want to develop, in addition to skills, a better formulation of artistic expression in the planned technologies. Look for adequate aesthetics and artistic expression. We expect new pedagogical methodological knowledge and experience. We consider it important to obtain contacts with leading personalities in the field and to provide information about the work of established "workshops" of individual artists. The benefit will also be the expansion of technological and material possibilities in our department.

With this project we want to focus mainly on non-traditional technologies and procedures that are not included in the teaching process at our school, such as ikat weaving technique, sibori technique, lasering of textile materials, digital embroidery on experimental surfaces. The intention is also to improve knowledge in technologies that we have introduced into the teaching process in the last five years, such as digital weaving, which I want to expand with weaving 3D textured surfaces and taffeta carpets. These are relatively new technologies obtained from the grant for the digitization of technological processes in design and thanks to which we have become one of the leading educational workplaces.

As a result, we expect an increased use of this acquired knowledge and experience by students and, after graduation, their better establishment in the arts and creative industries.

Project no. 007VŠVU-4/2020


MŠVVaŠ SR, KEGA, Commission no. 4 for the development of culture and art

Responsible researcher:

doc. M.A. Blanka Cepková / Department of Textile Design /


2020 – 2022