Pavlína Šváchová at the exhibition of Czech Design Award laureates

We cordially invite you to the collective exhibition SELECTION 2023 at the Malostranská gallery Kurátor Contemporary in Prague. The exhibition presents the work of young designers who received the Czech Design Award this year.



  • Vernissage: 21.11.2023, 6 p. m.

  • the exhibition is for sale and will last until January 19, 2024


About the Exhibition

The border of the year brings a selection of those outstanding young authors who, in their work, also move on the border - in the field of utility design, which transcends itself, namely to free art. SELECTION 2023 is a superbly organized collective exhibition in cooperation with the international festival Czech Design Week and presents this year's works awarded the Czech Design Award. You can not only see what the authors have offered in their works this year, but also feel the works or explore them haptically. The representation of new technologies combining traditional procedures, unusualness and at the same time respect for the craft represent these award-winning works, which are an export item suitable for every personal space. Enjoy the selection and choose your piece from young talented designers. You will see them in the site-specific installation of the authors NabilkovaxAdus.

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Pavlína Šváchová

Pavlína Šváchová is a doctoral student in the Glass studio under the guidance of the supervisor doc. Mgr. art. Patrik Illo.

She is a multidisciplinary artist, living and working in Prague. Her work stands out for its strong conceptual background and media exploration. At this year's Czech Design Week festival, she presented cup objects in an installation created in collaboration with DAMU scenographer student Klára Pavlíčková, in which she seeks to strengthen and explore design and art in their mutual coexistence. This creates a contrast between a useful object and a free sculpture. The collector's limited collection of objects was created in cooperation with the Detesk company using technical (cooking) glass.

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