Národná cena za dizajn

We are very happy that among this year's awarded projects within the National Design Award - Product Design are, in addition to our colleague, teacher Patrik Illo, also our graduates and doctoral students with works created at the AFAD.

The 18th edition of the most prestigious show of Slovak design announced its winners. The National Design Award, which this year was dedicated to the best product design of 2019 and 2020, presented 8 main prizes, 4 prizes for design personalities and 6 special awards at the gala evening on October 8, 2021 at MDPOH. This year, the awards are more exceptional because they were awarded in the Year of Slovak Design.

Awarded, nominated, but also jury-selected works can be seen on the website ncd.scd.sk, and also at the exhibition in Hurban's barracks on Kollár Square 10 in Bratislava. Along with the NCD21 exhibition, the NCD20 exhibition is also available. Exhibitions will be open until December 19, 2021, always from Wednesday to Sunday, from 2pm to 6pm.

The curator and chair of the NCD21 jury is designer and our vice-rector Sylvia Jokelová. The architects of this year's NCD21 exhibition are our vice-rector Marcel Benčík and pedagogue Marián Laššák, the graphic visual of the entire year NCD21 and NCD20 was designed and processed by the Andrej & Andrej studio, which last year won the Award for Personalities - New Appearance. The public can also look forward to a double catalog dedicated to both previous years NCD20 and NCD21.

Student design

Jewelry as something

Author: Lucia Gamanová

The aim of the diploma thesis was to point out that we can also further process waste material and raise its value to the level of jewelry. The author paid special attention to the found waste material, which is the main substance of her collection and which she cannot identify. At the same time, the author explored the boundaries of the moment of connecting a jewelry object with the installation of an exhibition. Objects found on the ground were inevitably accompanied by an action, during which she mapped the route and recorded her movement. This created a new relationship to the found object and the story, which was represented by the installation of the exhibition (the first solo exhibition in the NOVA gallery in Bratislava).

Lucia Gamanová graduated at the AFAD at the department of applied arts, as well as at the department of visual communication where she is currently doctoral student.

Jewellry made by Lucia Gamanová, collection Jewellry as something

Award for design personalities - Established designer

Patrik Illo

He worked for Czech and Polish glassworks and realizes a substantial part of his design work in the Rona, a. s., where he first worked as an internal designer, since 2006 as an external chief designer and head of the innovation commission. He has a decisive role in continuing the line of pure elegant shapes of drinking and utility glass from Rona's production and shaping the glassworks' offer so that the best traditions of Rovno glass are combined with the possibilities of top technology with which the glassworks is equipped. His free glass work is also significant. He works mainly with the technique of hot glass shaping, he experiments with technologies and ideas.

Since 2010 he has been the head of the Glass studio at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava. His works of art are represented in galleries and private collections in Europe and the USA. He has won several locak and foreign awards for design and visual arts.

Designer Patrik Illo

Award for design personalities - New appearance

Zuzana Svatíková

Zuzana Svatíková profiled herself as an unmissable phenomenon already during her studies in the Studio of Ceramics at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, she gained further experience during study stays abroad. Her objects / vases spoke militantly and activistically, mainly uncompromisingly with honest painting / drawing. This drive brought her several awards, including a two-time victory at Bratislava Design Week, a nomination in the prestigious international competition show Talent in Munich, the Czech Grand Design and Designblok.

The jury considers Zuzana Svatíková to be one of the most outstanding talents (not only) of Slovak ceramic design and art. Its drastic and authentic concept puts ceramics extremely convincingly into the position of a critical and confrontational medium.

Designer Zuzana Svatíková

Special recognition for a collection with the potential for series production

We live in colors!

Author: Veronika Muchová

Project focused on bathroom interior accessories made of textile and non-textile materials. Their visual processing reflects the common bathroom culture, which is characterized mainly by its vertical and horizontal lines and simplicity. Minimalist principles are visually transformed and multiplied into multicolored pastel variations. They are applied to utility objects that acquire added aesthetic design value. Technological principles appear in the project, which enable the project to be diverse. The resulting products are easy to use.

We live in colors!  Author: Veronika Muchová

All information as well as nominated projects can be found at https://www.ncd.scd.sk