AFAD on Designblok

From October 5 to 9, the international design festival Designblok will take place in Prague, where, in addition to professional designers and other universities, the AFAD will also be presented. You can find there the projects of our students from the GLASS Studio and the Ceramics Studio from the Department of Applied Arts, as well as this year's diploma projects of Viktor Tabiš (design) and Jana Vaterková (textile creation).

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GLASS and CERAMICS - Department of Applied Arts, AFAD

Dizajnérske projekty študentov a študentiek z Ateliéru SKLO (doc. Mgr. art. Patrik Illo) a Ateliéru keramiky (doc. Mgr. A. Daniel Piršč).


    Openstudio Gabriel Loci, 281
    Wed–Sun 10 a.m. – 9 p.m.
    Holečkova 106/10, Praha 5

Exhibited authors: 

  • Tomáš Deák (keramika)  
  • Peter Ďuriš (sklo)  
  • Martin Jurík (sklo)  
  • Igor Kováč (sklo)  
  • Ester Kovaříková (keramika)  
  • Žofia (Poljaková) Mrocková (keramika)  
  • Dominik Pirháč (sklo)  
  • Lucia Šunová (keramika)


AFAD GLASS AND CERAMICS_Dominik Pirháč, 2022.
Author of media: Lukáš Moravský.
AFAD GLASS AND CERAMICS_Ester Kovaříková, 2022.
Author of media: Lukáš Moravský.
Author of media: Lukáš Moravský.
AFAD GLASS AND CERAMICS_Žofia Poljaková Mrocková
AFAD GLASS AND CERAMICS_Žofia Poljaková Mrocková, 2022.
Author of media: Lukáš Moravský.
AFAD on Designblok backstage 1
AFAD on Designblok backstage 1.
AFAD on Designblok backstage 2
AFAD on Designblok backstage 2.

Curators: Patrik Illo, Markéta Nováková  

Exhibition design: Michal Illo  

Graphic design: Peter Nosáľ


    Supported from public funds by Slovak arts council

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    Viktor Tabiš diploma work 2022

    Viktor Tabiš

    Diploma work at the Studio of Experimental Design

    The project entitles Original resembles a production line and offers an insight into the original technology of porcelain casting. While the 3D printer continuously produces blanks for plaster casting, the hydraulic press in the next stage breaks the plaster parts of the mold, introducing an element of chance into the process. The customer participates in the individualization of the casting mold by choosing the order of individual elements and makes it original.

    The exhibited project was created within the framework of the KEGA project „stARTup, nová koncepcia výučby autorského dizajnu s ohľadom na uplatniteľnosť absolventov v praxi“ č. 008VŠVU-4/2021.


        Openstudio Gabriel Loci, 281
        Wed–Sun 10 a.m. – 9 p.m.
        Holečkova 106/10, Praha 5


    Jana Vaterková diploma work 2022

    Jana Vaterková

    Diploma work, Textile

    Geometry, line, work with different shades of one color reflect my personality, the character of the architecture and create a relationship with the user. The ambition of "Puder" is to highlight original textiles through a collection of useful objects that are represented in textile creation through tapestries, carpets and clothing. Utility items point to quality in material selection and craftsmanship. I find variability in the technological solution and aesthetics of the object, which can be adapted so that it can be combined in different ways within the environment and mood of the user. Puder emphasizes timeliness, emphasizes functionality and creates a fusion of different styles.

    Special event

    Sat 8.10. at 3 p.m.
    Fashion show of Diploma Selection 2022 finalists
        Fashion show
        Sacre Coeur, Holečkova 103/31, Prague 5