Reflection of fine art in the work of Ján Kollár and its contribution to Slovak art

Few are aware that the versatile literary work and activity of the poet Ján Kollár (1793 - 1852) is a milestone for the first significant reflections on Slovak art historiography.

The project elaborates the significance of Kollár's analyzes, observations and evaluations of works of art and monuments in his entire work, recorded with erudition and understanding for the specifics of artistic creation. This is an as yet unappreciated contribution of an important Slovak writer and intellectual of the European rank.

The first output of the project will be the translation of both of Kollár's Italian travelogues, not yet published in Slovak. The translation will be complemented by a commentary on its descriptions, reflections and evaluations, with a current interpretive interpretation and remarks.

Based on the analysis of Kollár's extensive work, a study (2nd output of the project) will be created on the issue of criticism, history and theory of art, within broader spiritual-ideological, political and cultural contexts. The interdisciplinary symposium on Kollár's work and his evaluation of artifacts will be the third output of the project.

Project no. 1/0271/18


MŠVVaŠ SR, VEGA, Commission for Sciences of Arts, Aesthetics and Linguistics

Responsible researcher:

Juraj Zary, PhDr. CSc., Department of Theory and History of Art

Research team:

Mgr. Iva Dejova PhD.


2018 – 2020