15SEM - international symposium SCULPTURE / JEWELRY / PAINTING Homage to Erna Masarovičová

Come and see the results of this year's Symposium, which was attended by many of our graduates and teachers! The presentation of the results of the nine-day symposium will take place in the form of a vernissage on September 9, 2023 from 5 p.m. in the Open-air gallery ZáHRADA, Langsfeldova 2, Bratislava.


  • Ateliér.EM,

    • Gorazdova 31, Bratislava (Sympózium)

  • Open-air gallery ZÁHRADA

    • Langsfeldova 2, Bratislava (opening)


  • Opening - results of the Symposium:   September 9, 2023 (SAT) from 5 p.m.

    • Symposium duration: September 1 - 9, 2023


Participating authors:   

  • Sculpture / Jewel / Painting 

    • Jiří Belda/CZ, Jakub Berdych Karpelis /CZ, Jakub Berdych st. /CZ, Marcin Berdyszak /PL, Filip Bielek /SK, David Cajthaml /CZ, David Čársky /SK, Andrea Ďurianová /SK, Ivan Herényi /SK, Patrik Illo /SK, Niina-Anneli Kaarnamo /FIN, Kristína Kandríková /SK, Matúš Kurdel/SK, Lubo Mikle /SK, Mária H. Nepšinská /SK, Marek Ormandík /SK, Peter Roller /SK, Filip Sabol /SK, Marian Straka /SK, Rasťo Trizma /SK, Miroslav Tomaška /SK, Dionýz Troskó /SK
  • Printmaking / Photo / Film / Multimedia

    • Zuzana Chmelová /SK, Radovan Kissoczy /CZ, Martina Šottová /SK, Jena Šimková /SK, Braňo Špaček /SK, Kamil Varga /SK


Project author:

  • Kata Kissoczy / SK-CZ


  • Peter Megyeši /SK                                    

  • Mária H. Nepšinská /SK – Jewel


About the SEM symposium

The international art symposium called SEM has been organized annually since 2009 in honor of Erna Masarovičová (1926 – 2008), an important Slovak sculptor and founder of modern Slovak jewelry and medal-making.

SEM is an interdisciplinary and multimedia meeting of artists from various fields of fine arts - sculptors, jewelry makers, painters, photographers, which takes place in the authentic environment of the sculpture studio and the adjacent ZÁHRADA gallery.

Since 2009, the initiator and author of the symposia has been sculptor Kata Kissoczy and Ateliér.EM. The idea to organize a symposium arose during the preparation of the documentary film and monograph of Erna Masarovičová. More than 120 prominent authors from various fields of domestic and foreign visual arts have participated in the symposia so far. Individual symposia allowed us to perceive the legacy of Erna Masarovičová's work in new contexts. The studio became a remarkable background for the work of domestic and foreign artists and led to the creation of many works of art.

The 15th year of SEM is a traditional meeting of international artists, working in various disciplines of visual art, such as sculpture, jewelry and painting, while the supporting material is metal, especially iron and corten. Participants from Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland and Finland were invited to this year's symposium, who cover the spectrum of contemporary visual art and work with diverse author's approaches and technologies – from sculptural forms in metal to multimedia reflection of the symposium itself. The project and cast of the international art symposium 15SEM is a promise of the creation of high-quality artistic realizations and a contribution to the current Slovak art scene.


15SEM Sympozium of Erna Masarovicova 2023 - banner


The independent gallery was supported from public funds by the Slovak Arts Council

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