Juraj Ďuriš is our next graduate on art residency in Paris

These days, Juraj Ďuriš, a graduate of the painting department of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, is starting his three-month artistic residency at the Cité internationale des arts in Paris. From the last open call, the commissions at the AFAD and in Paris selected him based on his artistic intention, which connects his painting work with the urban environment of Paris.

Juraj Ďuriš (*1992, Nitra) studied painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Brno and completed his master's degree in 2017 at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava in the studio of prof. Ivan Csudai. He exhibited individually as well as at group exhibitions, mainly in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. He has been working on street art since 2007. His murals can be found in various European countries such as Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Denmark. After his graduate internship at Nová Galerie, he lives and works in Prague.

Save Our Souls, 200 x 300 cm
Juraj Ďuriš: Save Our Souls, 200 x 300 cm.
Save Our Souls II, 200 x 300 cm
Juraj Ďuriš: Save Our Souls II, 200 x 300 cm.
Save Our souls III 200x250 cm
Juraj Ďuriš: Save Our souls III 200x250 cm.
Alang, 60x 90 cm
Juraj Ďuriš: Alang, 60x 90 cm.
Alang, Prešov
Juraj Ďuriš: Alang, Prešov, 2022.
Dakha, 60 x 90 cm
Juraj Ďuriš: Dakha, 60 x 90 cm.
Grande Arche, 60 x 90 cm
Juraj Ďuriš: Grande Arche, 60 x 90 cm.
Oiler, Pilsen
Juraj Ďuriš: Oiler, Pilsen, 2021.
Opener, Čadca
Juraj Ďuriš: Opener, Čadca, 2022.
Rabat - Morocco, 17 x 10 m
Juraj Ďuriš: Rabat - Morocco, 17 x 10 m, 2022.

Late capitalism and its manifestations in our surroundings have recently become the main subject of Juraj's works. However, huge machines or transporting ships are portrayed in a colorful, visually appealing style. In Paris, he plans to devote himself to his painting in the form of street-art and monumental works in public space:

"The aim of the residency is to use the city of Paris as an image environment in which elements from global trade and industry are inserted. Even if they are located far from our sight, the functioning of the world in which we live is absolutely dependent on them, even if we don't want to admit it.

My method consists in using an attractive painting to draw the viewer's attention to the image, in which thought content is non-violently smuggled. That awakens reflection on the way of our life.“


You can see the work of Juraj Ďuriš on his Instagram profile.



Eight AFAD graduates applied within the third open call, from which the AFAD commission (composed of: Sylvia Jokelová, Beata Jablonská, Naďa Kančevová, Barbora Komarová and Lucia G. Stach) selected three candidates for the second round. In the second round, the committee at Cité (Vincent Gonzalvez – director of the residencies department, Souraya Kessaria – Program of Residencies and Partnerships) chose Gréta Mária Srnová for the first residency in 2023. From the selection of the committee sent by the AFAD, the residency centre also chose another resident for the stay, which will take place from April to June this year - Juraj Ďuriš, who is also graduate of the Department of Painting

The Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava has established a long-term cooperation with the Cité internationale des arts in Paris. This provides an opportunity for the academy to send twice a year authors from Slovakia who work in the fields of visual arts, design, architecture, restoration and art theory. Those who graduated from the AFAD or are currently studying at a doctoral degree can apply for the residency - regardless of field and age.

The next open call for artistic and research stays in Paris which will take place next year, will be announced later this year, so don't forget to follow our social networks and website, where we will inform you about it.




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