Study painting in the studio of Hana Garová

Students of all Visual Arts programs at the AFAD have the opportunity to apply to the studio at the Department of Painting (they have to fulfill all studio requirements) which will be led this semester by Hana Garová in cooperation with Matúš Novosad as an assistant.


I perceive contemporary painting as an open medium, the boundaries of which are blurred and fluid, flowing freely between drawing, object, installation or other performative manifestations. To define the current image as the hegemony of one certain expression or form-forming expression, I therefore see it as a dead end, an unnecessary closure of the medium. I prefer trying to be sensitive to the nuances that, among other things, a painting can contain.

I think the studio should be open to different kinds of thinking, a living space for sharing artistic observations. I consider the development and confrontation of personality differences, through a dialogue about concrete creative work, to be a beneficial way of seeking understanding, uncovering internal connections and enriching a wider cultural and social perspective.


Hana Garová


*If you are interested in attending this studio, you will be able to register in AIS after the opening of registration of subjects for the spring semester

In case of confusion, you can contact Mgr. art. Matúš Novosad, PhD.


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