Oksana Sadovenko Mausoleum: Rats With Wings Show

We cordially invite you to the exhibition of a student of the 3EAM Studio in Fuga in Bratislava on February 19, 2024



  • Opening: 19.2.2024, 7 p.m.

    • music guests: Polisaurus, Fantomass
  • Duration: 19.2.-21.2.2024


Curator: Gabriela Halás

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Oksana Sadovenko is an artist from Ukraine, from Kyiv, where she graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts. Like many others, she also left her country due to the tragic state of war and settled in Bratislava. She is currently studying at the AFAD, once again for a master's degree in the 3EAM Studio (Mgr. art. Rastislav Sedlačík, ArtD., Mgr. art. Matej Fabian, ArtD.).

While her past works were more academic, her current work is characterized by a strong expressive gesture and formal relaxation, the creation of large-scale painting objects and installations, as well as a more conceptual and multi-layered understanding of the pigeon motif.


Mauzóleum Oksany Sadovenko: Rats With Wings Show - poster