Exhibition Metal

We cordially invite you to the opening of the international exhibition entitled Metal in Ján Koniarek Gallery



  • Opening: November 16, 2023 at 5 p.m.

    • exhibition duration: 16. 11. 2023 - 14. 1. 2024



The international group exhibition focuses on the work of the young generation of artists, while being interested in the emotionality of materials and forms. The curatorial project is motivated by the intersection of different meanings that the word metal offers in the Slovak-English version. On the one hand, inspired by the emotions, expression, heaviness, darkness or fantasy of the musical genre with an inclination to the aesthetic features of subcultures, and on the other hand, supported by the coldness of metal materials, the inhospitality of metallic objects, dramatic industrial aesthetics and technological possibilities used in spatial iron and steel drawings.


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  • Michal Stolárik

Exhibiting artists:

  • Anežka Hošková, Martin Chramosta, Filip Dvořák & MartinKolarov, Ján Kekeli, Štefan Papčo, Edita Štrajtová & Barbora Volfová