Brainstorming 3EAM_Painting as an actual expanded form

The project was created on the basis of a planned exhibition of the 3EAM studio in cooperation with studios from other departments. Cooperation between the departments of painting and printmaking creates a joint project with a longer time frame, which is supported by the KEGA grant system - DvojRozmer Project no. 005VŠVU-4/2022

The workshop and exhibition is a collaboration between the studios: 3EAM, Laboratory of Illustration and the Department of Art Theory and History


Exhibition concept: Rastislav Sedlačík, Matej Fabian

Management: Rastislav Sedlačík, Matej Fabian, Tomáš Klepoch, František Demeter, Beáta Jablonská

Guest lecturer: Lucia Gregorová Stach - head curator of modern and contemporary art collections in Slovak national gallery


Workshop and exhibition:

in the premises of Nová Vlna and FOR MAAT o.z. in Trenčín

duration of the workshop: October 24 - 27, 2022

lecture: Lucia Gregorová Stach: Expansion of traditional 2D media and their tendencies on the Slovak scene and in world art, Galéria M.A. Bazovský in Trenčín

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duration of the exhibition: October 27 - December 7, 2022


Studio 3EAM: Linda Olejárová, Lilla Gombos, Daniela Illéšová, Kamil Šlapák, Adam Priecel, Oksana Sadovenko, Max Rumanský, Ivana Ľachová, Klára Kusá, Nuria di Sobrino

Graduates: 3EAM: bc. Paulína Gajerová, Mgr. art. Ján Šutvay / Laboratory of Illustration: Sarah Camilla Pekarčíková, Zuzana Firmentová, Andrea Cverčková / Department of Art Theory and History: Soňa Majorošová


The first workshop and exhibition: Brainstorming 3EAM, Painting as an actual expanded form is accompanied by cooperation with the Laboratory of Illustration and the Department of Art Theory and History of the AFAD.

The exhibition, which is the second studio output being prepared, which is preceded by the preparation of the concept, brainstorming, selection and partial realization in the studios, leading to the realization in expanded forms in the premises of the Nová Vlna gallery. The project has the ambition to accelerate image creation procedures (2D traditional media) in a shortened time frame, based on individual concepts. The task is to bring one's own visual content (register, motif) into confrontation with current affairs of a societal or global scale, not only within the wider field of visual culture. The degree of admissibility of surrounding phenomena into its own field of expression, through painting, printmaking, drawing and expanded position, is not predetermined. The prerequisite is testing the possibilities of students' own conceptions in the relationship - image and actuality. By actuality we mean the contemporary context, broader social issues that we can imply in images. Issues and phenomena are offered in the form of challenges, but they also require individual input from students. The time schedule of preparation and realization is a fluid process, from the selection of the image register of the image (graphic, painting) to its remake, repaint, or the creation of a new image - a series. The cooperation of two broad traditional media enters the whole process in the form of cooperation, but also "clash". The crossover of 2D media will take place not only in individual realization (printmaking in painting and vice versa), but also through collaboration on a shared format. In these phases, we are still in the 2D area, in the phase of adaptation to the gallery space. We form a collective output, taking into account the results created directly during the workshop, as well as in the preparatory studio phase. The form of realization ranges from painting, printmaking to site-specific and other spatial forms, sound, intermedia solutions, etc. Part of the project will be a lecture on the topic Expansion of traditional 2D media and their tendencies on the Slovak scene and in world art, which will be presented by Lucia Gregorová Stach in the premises of GMAB in Trenčín during the duration of the exhibition.


The exhibition is supported using public funds by Slovak Art Council and co-financed by the Kega grant entitled DvojRozmer no. 005VŠVU-4/2022

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