3EAM STUDIO MAUSOLEUM: dysfunctional monday remix 231

We cordially invite you to the exhibition of the 3EAM Studio in Fuga in Bratislava.


  • FUGA – Space for missing culture,

    • Námestie SNP 24
      Bratislava 811 01


  • Opening: 18.3. 2024 at 7 p.m.

    • hudobný hosť: FallingVeil
  • Duration: 18.3.-21.3.2024

Curator: Gabriela Halás


Lilla Gombos, Filip Gruszczak, Samuel Hošek, Dajana Hroššová, Daniela Illéšová, Tereza Kontúrová, Dajana Marcinková, Karolína Molnárová, Silvia Paučíková, Adam Priecel, Hugo Raiman, Oksana Sadovenko, Kamil Šlapák, Namiko Uchnárová, Anna Zbořilová


is a collective exhibition of 15 young authors who, whether by coincidence or their own desire for education, became classmates for the summer semester 23/24, sharing spaces, teachers, work and life. In their presentation, we will therefore not artificially look for unity or a single common narrative, each of them in the exhibited selection represents their personal view of the world, becomes a commentator on unusual or almost mundane situations that we know well or that we carefully hide in our deepest innermost being.

The smell spreads through the city and we recognize the dark heroes of the streets on the ruins of society. Dystopia to wait. TV show. Flash flash. Analyzing the primordial nature and birth, fall and rebirth. Mortality and Banality. 1000 times scrolled meme. Lyrical insights into the psyche of the student of the Department of Painting. Irony and further proof that black humor and laughter through tears can help to survive. Contrasts. Programming your own reality. Therapy. The concept. Min. Maximum. Playfulness and seduction. Expand the format beyond your own capabilities. The human in connection with the non-human is getting closer to us, sometimes frighteningly so. Is it still figurative painting at all? And more and more words and epithets and questions and meanings and references could arise. But we'll leave that to the viewer. However, Dysfunctional from the title of the exhibition does not only refer to the self-irony of the authors, but defines the state of the generally gloomy mood of society in the years after epidemics, isolation, the sixth extinction of species and two ongoing major wars. Painting also offers the possibility to create your own worlds and color them as you wish. Even if only in monochrome.

Authors in the studio are professionally supervised by artists Mgr. art. Rastislav Sedlačík, ArtD. and Mgr. art. Matej Fabian, ArtD. The main room of students' creative activity is marked 231. We will expand the remix of author's concepts, their new mutual dialogue and stories into the eclectic environment of FUGA already on Monday, we will see how functional this step for dysfunctional monday remix 231 will be in the end.

Gabriela Halás


3EAM Mausoleum - poster

The exhibition program MAUZÓLEUM (X.Y.)

is the artistic part of the cultural activities of the Forum Absurdum platform for the year 2024, which will be curated by the artist Gabriela Halás.

It is a set of mainly author's exhibition realizations, which give the possibility of presentation to artists coming mainly (but not only) from the community close to the ideas of FUGA. That is, authors co-creating the missing culture, whether through their being, work, activism, collectivity, provocation or just finding mental rest (so important in times of constant social changes and against the background of ubiquitous open topics such as mental burnout, precarization of work, weltschmerz, hope, death , human rights, or ecological levels). With its organic spatial layout and non-hierarchical approach to people, FUGA offers an ideal place for site-specific outputs. It becomes an environment for play and experimentation, it expects courage and crossing the permissible boundaries from the creators. It is an ideal refuge for artists working in the field of art in a non-standard way, working on the border of overlapping media, with the help of various forms of expression. It can withstand realizations that are too much for the classic gallery white cube, it offers a fugue without censorship in the institutional world.

The name MAUZÓLEUM (X.Y. - the name of the specific author) refers, with a dose of exaggeration, but also with a bit of self-irony and humility, to a type of funerary architecture that serves to place the preserved remains of important personalities, which thus acquire eternity. Our MAUSÓLEUM (X.Y.) offers a space for dying and being born, falls and ascents. It blurs the line between creators and visitors, brings live contact with art.

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