Drawing for Photography and New Media

Teaching the discipline of drawing at the Department of Photography and New Media is designed in two lines. The first one is based on familiarization and mastering of the issue of reproduction of space, figure and composition. The second one consists of independent solutions of drawing projects in conjunction with the particular field of study.

Approach to individual undergraduates at various studios is differentiated by specific assignments related to their professional direction. The concept comes out from requirements on use of drawing in the given field of study and its utilisation at presentations and student projects in practice.

1st semester

Shape, space, composition (basics of drawing, drawing materials, papers and readings)

2nd semester

Still life, perspective (basics of object construction, vising, composition of shapes in space from observation of a model, free composition by student´s imagination)

3rd semester

Portrait, figure, figural composition (basics of figure from observation of a model – plaster, skull, live model, construction and anatomic basics of drawing and composition, figure in motion)

4th semester

Light and shadow in space and picture, photography reconstruction (utilisation of visual effects and work with picture´s atmosphere, drawing reconstruction by the master and reconstruction by computer graphics)

5th semester

Drawing in relation with time and story, visual journal (work with the aspect of time in drawing, from situation to a story)

6th semester

Project assignments in conjunction with work in the studio

Drawing for Photography and New Media

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