Studio Typo

Department of Visual Communication offers a 3-semester program of complex typographic education for undergraduate students. It engages students in cooperation on the Re-book - a redesign project of 10 Anasoft litera (literary contest) finalists.

Studio Type
Studio Type.
Nevďačná cudzinka, rebook, Kristína Uličná
Nevďačná cudzinka, rebook, Kristína Uličná.
Ponožky pred odletom, rebook, Karolína Brenkusová
Ponožky pred odletom, rebook, Karolína Brenkusová.
Mlčky a krátko, rebook, Martin Mikulka
Mlčky a krátko, rebook, Martin Mikulka, 2018.
Nedeľné šachy s Tisom, rebook, Zuzana Grančajová
Nedeľné šachy s Tisom, rebook, Zuzana Grančajová, 2018.
Novoročný výstup na Jaseninu, rebook, Daniela Honíšková
Novoročný výstup na Jaseninu, rebook, Daniela Honíšková, 2018.
Som Paula, rebook, Lucia Gandelová
Som Paula, rebook, Lucia Gandelová, 2018.
Aksál, rebook, Claudia Potočárová
Aksál, rebook, Claudia Potočárová, 2018.
Barbora, boch & katarzia, rebook, Jaroslav Varchola
Barbora, boch & katarzia, rebook, Jaroslav Varchola, 2018.
Trhlina, rebook, Sára Hammadová
Trhlina, rebook, Sára Hammadová, 2018.
Konvália, rebook, Mariana Mažgútová
Konvália, rebook, Mariana Mažgútová, 2018.
Novoročný výstup na Jaseninu, rebook, Tereza Mazánová
Novoročný výstup na Jaseninu, rebook, Tereza Mazánová, 2018.
Analfabet, rebook, Rastislav Chynoranský
Analfabet, rebook, Rastislav Chynoranský, 2018.
Rinaldova cesta, rebook, Richard Kučera Guzmán
Rinaldova cesta, rebook, Richard Kučera Guzmán, 2018.

The students earn basic knowledge of book design, which includes edition of long texts in the appropriate format, they also learn about rules used when choosing suitable text fonts, basics of typography and microtypography, and master basic procedures in photo-documentation of a book as an object and finally they become familiar with sales promotion marketing strategies. In addition to studying typography the students are also led to design the author’s title font for book publication and its digitalization. In the subsequent years students work on author’s strategy concept in the field of publication design through a structured text and accompanying images of their choice. The aim is to maximize the number of alternative versions of the identical document applying diverse existing or own author procedures. The students also acquire basic knowledge of text typeface design, procedures in its digitalization, testing of its functionality and a follow-up type specimen presentation as well as its marketing presentation design.