Kino-Ikon Choice: Screening and discussion of the film "Organ," 1964

We invite you to a regular discussion from the Kino-Ikon Choice series, which will currently be dedicated to the art-historical and theological contexts of the interpretation of Štefan Uhr's film Organ (1964).



  • Thursday May 18, 2023 at 6:30 p.m.

    • first projection (91 min)

    • then discussion


Note on the languages:

  • The screening is in Slovak but with english subtitles.

  • The discussion is in Slovak.


About the event

Screening of the film Organ (1964) directed by Štefan Uher combined with a discussion with the participation of guests prof. Marián Zervan, J.E. Mons. prof. Jozef Haľek, prof. Ivan Gerát and members of the Kino-Ikon magazine editorial staff. The aim of the debate on Uher's film is a specific (art historical and theological) focus on the setting and creative solution of the story of a young fugitive and a gifted organist who hid in a monastery in a small Slovak town during the Slovak state.

The moderator of the event is prof. Peter Michalovič.


About the film Organ directed by Štefan Uher, 1964

Alexander Brezina Organ 1964


A dramatic story taking place during the wartime Slovak Republic. A young Polish soldier, a gifted organist, hides from the fascists in a monastery in a small Slovak town. He comes into conflict with an untalented local regenschor who feels threatened by Felix's talents. His envy and malice drive the gifted Felix out of his safe haven.


Director: Štefan Uher • Screenplay: Alfonz Bednár • Cinematographer: Stanislav Szomolányi • Music: Ján Zimmer • Cast: Hana Maciuchová, Alexander Brezina, František Bubík, Irma Bárdyová, Kamil Marek, Jozef Hodorovský, Tomás Tobák, Luisa Grossová, Albert Augustíny

Year of production: 1964 / Date of local premiere: January 22, 1965


Zervan Organ poster



Entry: 5€


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