The BOOKSWAP shelf continues

Thank you to all of you who have so far taken away or brought a book. We invite all others! Based on your interest, we are keeping the shelf in the hallway and we also swapped books today and added new ones.


  • D317 - office of Support and Counseling center
  • 3rd floor, through the staircase right by the reception - see the map!


Till when: 

  • until the shelf doesn't get in the way, i.e. until "Letný prieskum"



You can bring a book, but also a magazine, catalog, etc. which already cramp your home, but would still be of use or make someone else happy.


We have delivered new publications, currently there are e.g.

  • Decameron - once required reading; Havel's speeches, Gandhi's autobiography, several books of Poetry, Hašek's humorous stories, history of Russian-American foreign policy (in English), publication on photographer F. Drtikol and others.
  • how long they stay there depends solely on you :)



If you want, you can usually stop on Tuesdays by our place for a chat not only about what interesting things you have recently read, but also about what information and resources you would like to see at the AFAD, what is a challenge for you in your studies, etc.

We are looking forward to seeing You!


Location of the Support and Counseling Center on Drotárska