Lecture by Beata Jablonská: Report from the expedition. Planet Pavel Maňka

We cordially invite you to Beata Jablonská's lecture: Report from the expedition. Planet Pavel Maňka, which will take place on Tuesday, February 28, 2023 at 5 p.m. in the Gallery Toto je Galéria


TOTO! je galéria
Moskovská 29
811 08 Bratislava



Even though Pavel Maňka (1929 – 2015) is one of the main representatives of geometric abstraction in Slovakia, his work is still waiting to be discovered. After his death, they held a number of exploratory and evaluative exhibitions, but it was not until this year that the work team, composed of Soňa Sadilková and Beata Jablonská, could fully engage in research. Pavel Maňka's estate was preserved almost intact, in his studio and house in the Ľudova quarter in Bratislava, where he spent almost his entire life. This offered an unrepeatable and unique opportunity to explore and study individual works - from the first uncertain sketches to their final solutions. The research confirmed what we already suspected! What has been known so far is only a small part of what the studio hid. From a number of paintings, thousands of drawings, projects and illustrations, models of specific design assignments and space landscapes, airplane and airship plans, his own texts, correspondence, diary entries and observations, a special being emerged - the cosmic yogi Pavel Maňka, who believed that our every action writes into the memory of the universe.



The lecture and research were supported by the Slovak Arts Council in the form of a scholarship.