VŠVU student awarded the Art Prize 2020

The Slovak Rectors' Conference awarded the Prize for Art 2020 to Mgr. art. Žofia Dubová, a doctoral student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava, for a collection of works that was presented in the extremely prestigious foreign gallery Hempel Glassmuseum. The award was presented on 12 November 2020 in Bratislava by the Vice-President of the SRK, Professor Ferdinand Daňo, with the participation of the Rector of the VŠVU, Associate Professor Bohunka Koklesová.

The awarded exhibited her works at the selective collective exhibition Images Captured in Glass - Unique Contemporary Glass Art from Slovakia. The collection of awarded works from the works Drawing (2014 - 2019) and from the series of works The Line (2018 - 2019) was presented in the prestigious gallery Hempel Glassmuseum in 2019 in Denmark. These are large sheet glass, which is a carrier for painting and drawing performances. The content of individual works are mainly the starting points in the landscape and nature. Exceptional in these works is their technological realization, but also work with glass material, the ability to perceive the work in translucences, as well as in combination with light and shadow.


Photo: Jana Hojstričová

Mgr. art. Žofia Dubová is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava. Study of painting in the studio of prof. She graduated from Daniel Fischer in 2016. During this period she completed an internship in a glass studio and stays abroad in the USA and Portugal. Since 2018 she has been a doctoral student at the VŠVU with doc. Emöke Vargovej.

Since 2012, the Slovak Rector's Conference Award for Art has been awarded to students or graduates of university studies, or a team of authors who are the authors of an exceptionally valuable and publicly accessible work of art, or for an artistic performance having a national, resp. transnational significance. The aim of the SRK is to contribute to the visibility and promotion of artistic activities performed at universities in the Slovak Republic. The prize is awarded as part of the Science and Technology Week in Slovakia.