Support and counseling center for students of VŠVU in Bratislava

The project is focused on support and counseling services for students. It should support their successful progress in the study and subsequent application in practice.

Within the project, the Support and Counseling Center of the VŠVU has been established, which provides services in two basic areas:

1. Support and counseling in the field of solving crisis situations and conditions within the personal life of students requiring the help of an expert.

Counseling is provided by a counselor - a psychologist with appropriate education and experience.

Services provided: psychological, social and study counseling, coordination and counseling for students with special needs, student ombudsman services - solving inappropriate behavior, various forms of discrimination and violation of rights enshrined in the VŠVU Code of Ethics.

2. Support and counseling in the field of career growth

Advice and services provided by the Secretary of the Center.

Services provided: counseling and services for applicants, study services in arranging exhibitions and other presentations of students' artistic performances, coordination and provision of counseling in the field of career growth and entrepreneurship in art, legal advice, etc. which are provided by inviting experts from the external environment according to the specific needs and requirements of students.

The project was supported by the Ministry of Education, Research and Sports of the Slovak Republic

Solution period:

2021 – 2022

Responsible researcher:

doc. Mgr. art. Sylvia Jokelová