Studio of Textile Design at the 7th International Winter School Design Week Maribor

Smart Design, Science & Technology - New Challenges is the motto of this year’s CEEPUS International Winter School Design Week 2022, where transdisciplinarity will be expressed as an integrative research strategy, focusing on a common, integrative research goal.


In this concept the students and workshop’s moderators will through parallel interdisciplinary planed creative workshops (Shape modeling in fashion; Creation of a sketchbook for denim capsule collection; Zero waste design inspired by cultural heritage; Semiotics of fashion - contemporary Slovenian fashion photography; I want to travel - a workshop on making and decorating the surface of a felt handbag with the hand embroidery; Development of a smart clothing to improve safety in patients with dementia, Photo and video report workshop) face the research problems and develop collective philosophy of idea development, as an element for finding new integrative solutions. It will be important to find solutions from an integrative perspective and direct new ideas to the user, focusing on sustainability and social aspects as well as aesthetics and emotional appeal.


The university is represented here by a delegation led by the head of the Studio of Textile Design, doc. Maria Fulkova