SPACE design

SPACE design (visual communication in SPACE) is a project to create a comprehensive educational and research workplace for the needs of this specialization (exhibitions, visual communication in public space and architecture).

The workplace will be created on the basis of the already existing Atelier PRIESTOR (SPACE studio), originally atelier 303, where attention is paid mainly to the identity of space, navigation in space, exhibitions and wider spatial relations.

SPACE design appears only sporadically in the curricula of European schools focused on visual communication, and in Central Europe it is rather an exception. The needs of the market, the demand for graphic designers with such specialization is dynamically increasing and from the point of view of the field of visual communication it is a very promising model of education.

Building a unique workplace that combines education and research with an impact on the entire region is a great opportunity and potential for an educational institution of our type. It does not educate "only" specialists in the field, but also creates the conditions for its development. Cooperation with a foreign partner can also achieve the direct impact of a specialized workplace in the entire region.

The combination of existing know-how (professional and pedagogical) of teachers and future experts of the workplace is a guarantee of quality training / education of new professionals and researchers and strong theoretical support will ensure the attractiveness and sustainability of SPACE design as a modern specialization in visual communication.

Project no. 010VŠVU-4/2019


MŠVVaŠ SR, KEGA, Commission no. 4 for the development of culture and art

Responsible researcher:

doc. Mgr. art. Marcel Benčík, ArtD., Department of Visual Communication


2019 – 2021