Rector's Awards 2022

We publish a list of this year's graduates who have received the Rector's Award for their diploma theses. The list is accompanied by the reasons for the selection by our Rector, Bohunka Koklesová.

On Friday, July 1, 2022, the graduation ceremony of our graduates of master's and doctoral studies took place in the Auditorium of the Comenius University. As the part of the ceremony program, our rector Bohunka Koklesová awarded four fresh masters of arts for their diploma works, namely:

Dominika Kostolníková from the Department of Restoration and Conservation, Dávid Nosko from the Department of Architecture, Viktória Revická from the Department of Intermedia and Viktor Tabiš from the Department of Design.

Congratulations to all!

Dominika Kostolníková

Conservation and restoration of four archaeological caps from archaeological research, from the crypt of the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity in Žilina

Department of Restoration and Conservation

"Dominika, I have always greatly appreciated the patient work of conservators. I knew there were no time shortcuts or knowledge concessions. I am awarding you the rector's prize for a diploma thesis in the field of restoration for an exceptional restoration effort, in which you managed to restore unique velvet-laced caps from the 17th century. You have restored objects that were literally falling apart under your hands. You have thus contributed to saving the cultural heritage of all of us."

Dominika Kostolníková; Diploma thesis_1
Dominika Kostolníková; Diploma thesis_1, 2022.
Dominika Kostolníková; Diploma thesis_2
Dominika Kostolníková; Diploma thesis_2, 2022.


Dávid Nosko

Spaces of the landscape. Similarity and dissimilarity of architectural and natural space

Department of Architecture

"Dávid, I award you the rector's prize in the field of architecture for finding and solving a way to hybridize landscape and architecture. Searching for ways of living in a country where construction and natural processes mix. I appreciate your targeted manipulation of the terrain into a landscape of folds and waves, which creates one of the possible layers for dwellings and interiors. I was also impressed by the prefabricated interior capsules and columns designed by you as an instantly usable architectural ready-made."

Dávid Nosko; Diploma thesis_1
Dávid Nosko; Diploma thesis_1, 2022.
Dávid Nosko; Diploma thesis_2
Dávid Nosko; Diploma thesis_2, 2022.


Viktória Revická

Relationship between fermentation cultures and (their) movement

Department of Intermedia

"Viktória, through a performance with four performers, showed through movement, often illogical movement - movement that goes against the logic of human movement, sound accent of jerky movements, the image of today's world. There was a lot of it - isolation, fatigue, aggression, relaxation, lack of communication, cooperation and much more."

Viktória Revická; Diploma thesis_1
Viktória Revická; Diploma thesis_1, 2022.
Viktória Revická; Diploma thesis_2
Viktória Revická; Diploma thesis_2, 2022.


Viktor Tabiš

Originality. Author's technology

Department of Design

"Viktor, I am awarding you the rector's award for your diploma work for your contribution in the field of researching author's technology as one of the possibilities of applying individual design production in practice. Your work is a technically sophisticated system of interconnected tools to create an autonomous original product, which bears an unmistakable, artistically strong trace of technological progress and enables high variability of produced porcelain objects."

Viktor Tabiš; Diploma thesis_1
Viktor Tabiš; Diploma thesis_1, 2022.
Viktor Tabiš; Diploma thesis_2
Viktor Tabiš; Diploma thesis_2, 2022.