New design for Hviezdoslavov Kubín

We are really pleased to announce that our student Laura Morovská from the Department of Visual Communication (Studio Identity - led by Mgr. art. Ondrej Gavalda and prof. Stanislav Stankoci) won a competition for a new visual identity for a nationwide show and competition in the artistic recitation Hviezdoslavov Kubín with her proposal.

The winning design for the identity of the Hviezdoslav Kubín event

Viac na

"Mostly young people take part in Hviezdoslav Kubín, so it seemed logical for his visual identity to be created by young graphic designers. Finally, they create it for their generation and have the best overview of the current visual culture of various events, "explained the intention of the competition Ondrej Gavalda from the AFAD.

Other designs made by our students can be found here:

More about the competition (in Slovak):