Ivana Tilešová at the Global Design Graduate Show

Ivana Tilešová at the Global Design Graduate Show Congratulations to this year's graduate Ivana Tilešová from the Studio S+M+L_XL – METAL AND JEWERLY (Applied Arts), who was selected by the industry experts for the international exhibition of design diploma works. With her diploma thesis entitled "Identity", she made it to the finalists from all over the world. Until Sunday, October 9, you can also vote and choose your favorite works from the fields of fine arts, fashion, design and others.


Ivan Tilešová describes her diploma work:

„I explore my identity in the context of my own body. I consider the human body as our archive which preserves all our memories and our life experiences are written on it. During creating our identity, I distinguish three different aspects involved - body, mind and life, with all that it brings. This work represents my self-reflection. I literally bring my own skin to the surface. I am searching what jewelry means to me and where I can see it. I find it in my own body and continue to experiment with it. Jewelry is defined as a decorative item for personal consumption. It also fulfills other functions, such as a communication, social, symbolic, and for some people even a protective function. Human body can also be the bearer of all these functions. That's why I consider the human body a "jewel". I offer my definition of what jewelry is: "I consider jewelry to be something that we choose to decorate ourselves with (tattoo), something that life has decorated us with (scar), and something that we were born with and were given (birthmark )." What binds all these traits together is the story, which is tied to them. This gives the given features meaning. There lies the focus of our identity formation. I created a collection of jewelry that depicts fragments taken from my body. These features are my eternal jewels, recorded on me. I reveal my memories to the world. I complete the installation with short videos in which I push the boundaries of the object and work directly with my body.“




You can read more about Ivana Tilešová's project and the voting here: https://www.artsthread.com/portfolios/i-d-e-n-t-i-t-y