Definitive transition from AiS2 mobile applications to a responsive interface

From December 7, responsive interface will need to be used to access AiS2 from Android platforms.

Dear AiS users,


In 2019, the developers (Management and Implementation Board) of AiS2 decided that proprietary mobile applications for various operating systems will not be developed in the future, but the development capacity is invested in the responsive interface of AiS2 instead.


At its meeting on December 1, 2022, the AiS2 Implementation Board decided that the mobile application for the Android OS will be disabled on December 7, 2022. Currently, it no longer provides users with sufficient functionality and also represents a certain security threat.


Students and employees who use the application will receive an individual notification about it in the mobile application and the corresponding interface in AiS2. At the same time, they will be informed that they can fully use AiS2 through a responsive interface.


The responsive interface is documented in the following video tutorial: