Dana Tomečková is going on the residency in Paris

The third AFAD graduate will travel to the artistic residency at the Cité internationale des arts in Paris. Over the course of three months, she will have the opportunity to create and continue her research into the relationship between objects and space.

Dana Tomečková (*1986, Bratislava) graduated from the Studio S+M+L_XL - Metal and Jewel (prof. Karol Weisslechner) at the Department of Applied Art of the AFAD. She deepened her studies with a one-year stay at the National Academy of the Arts in Oslo, Norway (prof. Jorge Manilla Navarrete). Tomečková works primarily with object, installation or nature of the place. She creates ephemeral situations that are difficult to capture but easy to feel, perceives space and its relationship to the body. At the heart of her artistic strategy is her fascination with the unstable nature of reality, its elusiveness. Her reaction to it is perseverance and slowness. She intentionally gives up an absolute control over the material and over the creation process of the work.

Object for OK - XII. Triennale of small object and drawings, Banská Štiavnica, SK
Dana Tomečková: Object for OK - XII. Triennale of small object and drawings, Banská Štiavnica, SK.
Footnotes on Temporary Matter, Foto Ivan Kalev
Dana Tomečková: Footnotes on Temporary Matter, Foto Ivan Kalev.
Dana Tomečková: 1+1+1+1=1.

Within the residency in Paris, she plans to further develop her research: „I work with the idea of objects as lasting events. They inhabit a space just like us. I search for possibilities of mutual communication and interaction with them, ways of touch that takes their duration, sensitivity and life span into consideration. I look for mutual breath and pace with the objects, try to unfold them and their qualities.

During the residency at Cité internationale des arts in Paris I want to focus on the link between object and performance. I plan to work with objects from time-based materials in time-based experience (performance). My aim is to deepen my artistic research, experiment with colour pigment and collaborate with local performers. The outcome of the residency would be a performative format about slow life of objects, matter, us and the bond within.“

Eight AFAD graduates applied for the second open call, from which the commission at the AFAD (composed of Marcel Benčík, Bohunka Koklesová, Beáta Jablonská, Naďa Kančevová, Barbora Komarová and Lucia Gregorová Stach) selected three candidates for the second round. In the second round, the Cité Commission (Vincent Gonzalvez - Director of the Residences Department, Souraya Kessaria - Residences and Partnerships Program) chose Dana Tomečková: “… as it seems she has a clear intention of residency and we believe her research on object/performance could find some answers and progress, in meeting with other residents in Cité."

The Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava has established a long-term cooperation with the Cité internationale des arts in Paris, in which it will send artists, designers, architects or theoreticians from Slovakia several times a year. In 2023, the AFAD would announce further open calls. We therefore invite all our graduates and doctoral students to follow our website and social networks, where we will publish the current open call in time.

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