BIO Sculpture

Integration of manual methods in the author's creation and support of the view and overview in the area of the ecological part of the area of the contemporary sculpture

The pedagogical side of the project is divided into several parts. The first is a consultation on the topic of ecology and environmental education with students, a visit to the Botanical Garden in Bratislava and Nitra and possibly the Arboretum in Mlyňany. The following is a consultation on the idea and form of the resulting sculpture, which consists of a pedestal and the sculpture itself (for interior and exterior). Another part is the actual implementation of projects. The last phase will be the preparation of a collective exhibition within the Bratislava Design Week, where we want to apply for the project. The pedagogical benefit is the integration of manual methods in the author's work and the support of perspective and overview in the ecological part of the area of contemporary sculpture. Mutual reflection of ideas and presentation of outputs to the public.

Contract no. 2019vu090


Tatra banka Foundation, More Art program

Responsible researcher:

Mgr. art. Mira Podmanická, ArtD., Department of Sculpture, Object, Installation