A Nonprofit Organization the Jaromír Krejcar Society

We are very pleased that the Jaromír Krejcar Society was established on the grounds of our school, which aims to save, restore and subsequently protect the former Machnáč Spa House in Trenčianske Teplice.

The Machnáč sanatorium is an extremely valuable architectural work built in the interwar period of the First Czechoslovak Republic. It is an iconic representative of European functionalism. The sanatorium was designed by an important Prague architect, Jaromír Krejcar (1895–1950), whose architectural solution reflected not only the period’s technological and inventive progress but also the period’s understanding of humanism, social equality and community sharing of life.

The Machnáč sanatorium is a representative example of building a modern Slovakia during the interwar period; it is an architectural reflection of a dawning city and civic society. As the founder of the Jaromír Krejcar Society and the rector of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, Bohunka Koklesová, pointed out: “The Machnáč sanatorium is an extremely important monument for the future of our country. It represents social and humanistic values, which cross borders and interconnect Slovak architecture with the best of European creations. It is, therefore, our priority to concentrate our efforts in saving this cultural heritage site.”

More informations: https://jaromirkrejcar.com/eng/