You are cordially invited to the live jam session (free entrance) in the courtyard of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava on Hviezdoslav Square 18, which will take place on Friday, 29th September 2023 at 7pm as a part of the accompanying programme of the MediaLab* Back to the Future exhibition and Biela noc!


  •  courtyard of the AFAD, Hviezdoslav Square 18, Bratislava


  • Friday, 29.9.2023, 7pm


Musical freestyle live jam session

will be performed by Leonard Lofaj, Ján Konečný, Prokop Findeis, Dominik Láznička.

*We will end the event for sure before 10pm, so visit us on time!


!ATTENTION! Change in the opening hours of the Medium Gallery during Biela noc festival

  • 5pm - 7pm free entrance for all (as usually)

  • 7pm - 12am entrance only for the people with the valid Biela noc festival ticket