internship offer for AFAD students in the Medium Gallery: archive

If you are interested in archival work, you are a systematic type and you want to get a glimpse behind the gallery scenes, apply for an internship at Gallery Medium!


Under the supervision of the professional team of the Academic Library of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, your task will be to digitize photographs from openings, exhibitions and other events at the school gallery Medium, which celebrates its 33rd anniversary this year. We also want to publish a full list of exhibitions and make the gallery's yearbooks available to the wider public online - if you'd like to help, email us to  

by 31 January 2024!


If you happen to know how to work wonders with old CDs, feel free to sign up right away!


This is an internship for the students of the AFAD for 65 hours and evaluated with 5ECTS.


Internship date: March 2024


We are looking forward to cooperation!