Guided tour through the exhibition Battery with Jen Kratochvil

You are cordially invited to the guided tour on 30.11. at 5pm with the curator Jen Kratochvil, who together with Hynek Alt, students and graduates from the Studio of New Aesthetics at the FAMU in Prague, created the exhibition Battery at the MEDIUM Gallery. The guided tour will be held in Czech language.


Excerpts from the curatorial text:

How much anxiety does battery life bring into your day?


Battery life and love comes hand in hand. There´s no love without a fully charged battery / batteries. No doubt about that.


If a mass can be converted to energy, then large amount of bodies can be transformed into power. A rave. Actually, any water dam is supposedly a battery. Can there be a dam filled with bodies? Are we a power source? Individually depleted, collectivelly charged?


This is a show of the Studio of New Aesthetics. Depleted and charged at the same time. Neo´s saying hi.



More about the exhibition HERE.


This project was financially supported by Bratislava Self-Governing Region Council.

Partners: OFF Bratislava, České centrum Bratislava, FAMU

Media partner:

Photo: Ján Šipöcz