Guided tour and table tennis tournament to the exhibition Collective Happiness

You are cordially invited to the guided tour with Martin Toldy to his solo exhibition Collective Happiness during which you can with the artist or without him play table tennis directly in the exhibition space of Medium Gallery! We are looking forward to your visit on the last day of the exhibition on Sunday, December 10th at 4pm!


Galéria MEDIUM, Hviezdoslavovo nám. 18, Bratislava


From the curatorial text of Václav Janoščík:

All the more we are obsessed with happiness and entertainment there is growing discontent and uneasiness in achieving it. More and more it feels like we are addicted to something without knowing what it is. In the past decade we have witnessed not only global emigration to online ecosystems and refracturing of our attention economy, but also there is growing dissensus and distrust in shared experiences or values. This cannot be countered only on the level of specific issues. We also have to renew our public negotiation about happiness, its forms and power. This cannot be done in the present circuitries of economic or social capital, it's them perpetuating the problem. Maybe it could be done by doing small things, maintaining friendship, expressing values in conduct (not in posts), social reproductive work not art careers, sports not fitness.


  • This project was financially supported by the Bratislava self-governing region.
  • The exhibition is a part of the festival OFF Bratislava 2023.
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