Artistic and artificial: intelligence, imagination and creativity

The growing presence of artificial intelligence in our lives and the possibility of mutual communication between different types of intelligence confront artistic creativity with an expanded spectrum of value questions.


MEDIUM Gallery, Hviezdoslavovo nám. 18, Bratislava

Exhibition opening: 20.9.2022, 6pm




András Cséfalvay, Jozef Pilát, Danica Pišteková, Marek Kvetan, Pavol Truben, Dominik Hlinka



Miroslav Haľák, Adrián Kobetič


Exhibition concept:

Ivan Gerát, Marian Zerva



Artistic and artificial: intelligence, imagination and creativity

The growing presence of the artificial intelligence in our everyday lives and the possibility of the interaction among different types of intelligence confront the artistic creativity with the broadened spectrum of the questions of values.

Technosphere creates a contrasting background for the observation of artistic creations: spontaneous moments of the creative process contradict the pre-programmed sctructure of the complex systems, neural networks and artificial intelligence. The media sphere of creation is being enriched by the emergence of the new interfaces, by enhancing the interactive features, by creating the immersive environments and by using the robotic systems. Systems, which are able to learn, can work through and connect enourmous amount of data, but they do not significantly surpass the skills of their programmes, the machine art can hardly be a competition to the human.

Another perspectives are being opened with a question of veracity and verifiability in the process of the creation of fictional, fantastic and virtual worlds. The traditional techniques of seduction, bamboozling or swindling are obtaining brand new and unprecedented possibilities. How do the information technologies and digital media model the experiences of the audience and its participation in reception of the artwork? How these phenomena influence the relations between the system and antisystem, culture and counter-culture, emotionality and racionality, active participation and passive observation, care and alienation, representation and engineering?


Ivan Gerát and Marian Zervan