Analog vs. Digital: exhibition and conference

We cordially invite you to the Medium Gallery for the opening of the exhibition Analog vs. Digital: exhibition and conference


  • Medium Gallery,

    • Hviezdoslavovo nám. 18, Bratislava


  • Exhibition Opening: Thursday 14.12.2023, 17:00

  • Duration: 15.12.2023 - 28.1.2024



  • Mgr. Art. Žofia Babčanová ArtD.


  • Mgr. Art. Žofia Babčanová ArtD., Mgr.Art. Peter Baumann ArtD., Prof. Ing. Štefan Klein akad.soch, András Borš, David Sova, Marek Jurčovič, Michal Keller, Natália Žáková, Richard Petro, Roman Slamka, Samuel Mudrák, Tadeáš Čech, Tomáš Klečka, Veronika Pániková, Diego Hernando, Dominik Batelka, Dominik Medveď, Jakub Riedl, Lukáš Červenec, Luboš Maťas, Šimon Rigas, Šimon Baran, Anton Myloserdnyi



In the exhibition Analog vs. Digital, which is based on the research project "Synergy of analog and digital environments and their consequences in design processes", we focus on the interconnectedness of the digital and analog worlds in a 3D environment. We will focus on the revitalization of sculptural procedures and principles that work with the transformation of emotions, intuition and experience of the author, but in combination with modern digital tools, can bring the development of new creative methods in design processes. The research will focus on the confrontation of classic manual processing of clay (a synthetic alternative to classic sculptural modeling materials) with digital tools. We want to examine these processes against the background of a professional environment from the automotive sector. The automotive sector has brought these ties to a high stage of knowledge. We want to expand the knowledge from the automotive sphere mainly by experimenting in the field of creation, which on the academic ground is relatively in the freest environment, able to accept the experiment as well. The results of the investigation of the confrontation of analog and digital paths will be crucial for us for a possible redefinition of the usual design procedures and methodologies. We want to react and bring higher quality to the educational process responding to the changing level of secondary school knowledge and skills. Our task is to process clay molding methodology and digital design methods. Testing different variants of creative methods and their combination can bring impulses and experiments that will form the basis of research on the confrontation between analog and digital creation. Top experts in clay shaping and digital creative methods were looking for new methods of design creation together with students. The students of the first year were confronted with work with clay, where the shaping process is already incorporated into the existing teaching structures in the field of form abstraction based on nature up to the position of abstract forms. Subsequently, workshops were held for older years aimed at a higher level of analog modeling and digital tools such as Alias, Blender, Gravity Sketch and others.



  • Partners: Audi, Volkswagen, Škoda
  • This project was financially supported by Bratislava Self-Governing Region.
  • Media partner: Artalk


Analog vs Digital - poster

*Exhibition and conference are realized within the grant project KEGA 007VŠVU-4/2022 Synergy of analogue and digital space and their influence on processes in design.