Roman Bicek: Obst & Muse

We invite you to the opening of Roman Bicek's exhibition "Obst & Muse" as part of the 6th part of the Hydrozoa cycle in the Stano Filko Permanent Exhibition in the Central Slovak Gallery in Banská Bystrica.


  • Pretórium,

    • Štefan Moyses sq. 25, Banská Bystrica


  • Opening: 16. September 2023 at 5 p.m. / Saturday

    • Exhibition duration: 16. September – 3. December 2023


Artist: Roman Bicek

Curator: Mira Keratová


About the exhibition

The goal of the long-term project HYDROZOA, Stan Filko's Permanent Exhibition in the Central Slovak Gallery in Banská Bystrica is to create a specifically conceived permanent exhibition of works by the artist Stan Filko in the Central Slovak Gallery, which owns an extensive collection of Filko's archival and project works. The presented format does not work traditionally as a classically closed and completed permanent exposition of the given author or collections, i.e. it is not exhibited for a long time in a specific final form, but has a variable nature according to the changing program. The idea of the project is to expand knowledge about Filka's work through the involvement of contemporary authors who will research it, update it in new contexts and present it to the public in unexpected forms and a new conceptual framework.



Bicek Obst and Muse - poster


Supported through pubic funds by Slovak arts council

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