Registration for a semester-long internship abroad in Fall semester 2023/24

Dear students, The Foreign Department of VŠVU offers you the opportunity to apply for a semester-long internship abroad in FS 23/24 and apply for a grant under the Erasmus+ program.

Terms of application:

  • 3rd, 4th and 5th year students can apply for a semester internship in the winter semester. 6th year students can apply for an internship only if they decide to extend their studies and proceed to (paid) above-standard-length Study
  • You can complete the internship during the 3 months of the fall semester
  • The minimum duration of the semester internship is 13 weeks with the number of hours worked 37.5 hours/week.


The semester-long internship serves as a substitute for the studio and you will be awarded 20 ECTS for its successful completion.


The deadline for submitting an application for an internship in FS 2023/24 is August 15, 2023!


  • Must be completely filled out and signed by you, your receiving institution, your head of department and studio.
  • Send the application by email to:
  • We reserve min. 3 weeks for processing of the Application


More info


We look forward to your applications!


Your International Office of AFAD