András Cséfalvay: ANTI-ICARUS: How to escape the gravity well of man

We cordially invite you to the opening of the András Cséfalvay exhibition in Klatovy on April 14, 2023


  • Curator:

      • Michal Lazorčík



    The classical epistemic model archeologically constructs a story in which man stands on top of a hill and looks down over the landscape below. Man has access to tools that help him to model the current situation and to explain past errors. But his present self-awareness always lies in a blind spot. Dragons and heavenly deities are noble embodiments and artifacts of older, rougher descriptions of the world. After all, thunder and lightning are merely created by the eagle-leopard, by ionized air.

    Today, we try to circumvent this self-awareness as we work with an extra-axial model of history. The works in the gallery create traces that attempt to speak of levitation, of a force working against gravitation, of the yearning to fly and the idea of existing hope.

    Author of text and exhibition concept:András Cséfalvay