We invite you to the "festival" of ephemeral interventions in the country VYHLIADKA, which will take place in the form of walks during two days around Bratislava.

VYHLIADKA is the result of more than a year of activity of the Studio of Spatial Communications + at the Department of Intermedia of the AFAD connected with walking seminars in the vicinity of Bratislava with experts from various scientific fields. Michal Janák: Periphery, Ivana Rumanová: Gentrification, Martin Bednárik: Geology.

VYHLIADKA will present 11 works, events, situations and performances of 11 artists from the Studio of Spatial Communications +, Department of Intermedia, AFAD.

VYHLIADKA has a northern and southern route, we will move on foot and by public transport. It starts each of the two days with a meeting at an agreed place, followed by a move to the point of the first intervention, and ends with an informal enjoyment of the possibilities of the extravillain (understand: autumn barbecue).

Anyone can come to the VYHLIADKA, it will take place entirely outdoors. For more information you can contact us at . You need to dress well for each of the walks and take something to eat and drink.

Click on this link to find the coordinates of the entire Vyhliadka

Northern route
30.10. start at 10 am, Most Slobody

Petra Hrúziková - Moravia
48.21453603889936, 16.962791014811195

Patrícia Chamrazová - Devínska Kobyla
48.1937695, 17.0116217

Robert Urbancok - Agátová / Dúbravka
48.20025213911015, 17.037667518079267

Viktória Gajdošová - Lamač
48.1976869 17.0640622

Southern route
31.10. 2021 start at 10am, Jurkovičova tepláreň

Celestína Minichová - Apollo, Landererova
48.142591676552605, 17.129296203173684

Jakub Černošek - Owl Forest
48.1298706477253, 17.13878183073914

Tereza Rusnáková - Chorvátske rameno / Petržalka
48.12031925939687, 17.107758096791233

Boris Frey - Danube
48.12457463741001, 17.14362721905083

Lucia Večerná - Dunajčík Boating Club
48.13581095022974, 17.124293435993824

Lucka Kvaššayová - Vajspeter Reservoir / Nice Road
48.20495426179336, 17.128394249242074

Ondrej Forus
Teleport Club - Michalská 384/10, 811 01 Bratislava

The project was supported by: Bratislava City Foundation and AFAD in Bratislava

graphic design: Ester Mládenková and Lívia Suchá