This is the first issue of the periodical to be published by the Foreign Department.

The head is Nina, the right hand is Zuzana. And then it's us, office no. 36, the cellar on Hviezdka, where you will find Natalia, Ivana and Dana. All three of us are artists, so you don't have to imagine us as aunt officials. We work at school, but as graduates we also know her from the other side - from a student's point of view. We think that what is missing between us and you is a more personal contact, something more than official information on the web. That's why we created VSUVka, something material in your hand that you can return to. We were looking for a way to mediate the possibilities of foreign mobility for you, students and teachers simply and humanely. Therefore, we create a space for the stories of your classmates and colleagues who have traveled or are currently abroad on an internship, study stay or employee mobility. Traveling is easier than it seems. So stop by us during the consultation hours, you will see for yourself.