Tomáš Moranský – There There

Tomáš Moravanský is studying for a PhD. in the Department of Theory and Art History under the supervision of Václav Magid at the FaVU in Brno.

MEDIUM Gallery, Hviezdoslavovo námestie 18, Bratislava

His means of expression are broad and span across different media, complicated and complex sentences consisting of technical terms, with a focus on specific influences and organization of the socio-cultural space in the relationship to the movement and post-dance choreography.

His artistic practice is accompanied by the critical-analytical reflections based on the critical theory, sociology or psychology, important starting points include Lacanian psychoanalysis or the fascination with evolutionary biology. Moravanský's current research (in the post-dance and choreography of the ideological space) is focused on the issues of superstitiousness, attention deficit disorder and tribalism.

He is working in the field of gallery installations, performances, interventions to public space, moving image, sound, music production (project Panáčik), contemporary dance shows and dramaturgy. He approaches his work and the art institution as such with humor, but often keeps the ironical distance. In spite of that, he remains one of the most active authors of the contemporary art scene, although it means basically nothing.

Spectators, visitors and listeners of the projects of Moravanský become in his artwork surroundings an active, changing agent and component. Their presence/absence in the situation helps to narrate the work, or better said ''to expand'' the work due to temporary spatial correspondances and experiences. Author creates environments, in which come to the fore the highlights of the subjective experiences of the visitor, their customs and personal paradigms. This happens as a reaction to the spatial arrangements, basic thematic and aesthetic framework, i.e. storyline. Thanks to these observations the work can be further transformed and it can become a medium, which is reflective towards the lived marasm and one day it could become an intellectual competitor of the services such as Netflix.

THERE THERE is a part of the project series, in which the author treats the physical space as a virtual space – due to conceptualization of the principles in the videogames and choreography. His aim is the uncovering of the ideological influences that interpellate the body of the subject. He uses physical ordering of the place, on the basis of which he creates choreopolitical system. This encourages the visitor to interact as if it were an open world of the computer game – RPG (role-playing game) simulation, which can be played endlessly. Interactive elements are reduced to the basic conditions for the space recognition with the added exhibition components.

Tomáš Moravanský is a part of and a dramaturge of the interdisciplinary group of people INSTITUT INSTITUT, for whom to be a part of the collective does not come naturally comfortable.

During the opening evening a performance will take place.

This project was financially supported by Bratislava Self-Governing Region Council. The project was financially supported by FaVU in Brno. Media partner of the MEDIUM Gallery is