Andrea Pézman – Three stops

The exhibition Three Stops brings three stages of A. Pézman's work in an easily retrospective selection.

Ernest Zmeták Art Gallery, Nové Zámky

Curator: Silvia L. Čúzyová

Visual artist and graphic artist Andrea Pézman (1975) belongs to the middle generation of contemporary free graphic art in Slovakia. Experiments with the medium and material are confronted in her work and at the same time in symbiosis with traditional graphic techniques. However, this is not happening primarily as an intention, but secondarily, against the background of her dominant artistic goal. Her works have a subtle poetics, subtlety of form and conceptual core, which puts her in an imaginary counter-position to more expressive and narrative positions of contemporary Slovak graphics. The exhibition Three Stops brings three stages of A. Pézman's work in an easily retrospective selection. Here, the viewer can complete a movement in the space-time of the author's creative thinking - the higher in the gallery he goes, the deeper he gets into the past. The oldest exhibited works include the author's books Bird Flying (2001), Communication (2003) and CODE-ex (2005). The central part of the exhibition is a new cycle called Rána ... It was created in 2020 under improvised home-office conditions, when the artist did not have access to her studio. In terms of technology, material and expression, this is a different direction than before. The graphic principle of printing, matrix and prints is not present here. The works were created by exposing a light-sensitive layer applied to the substrate, and each of them is a unique feature. Large-format and smaller works are realized by the technique of cyanotypy and the whole is complemented by a video projection, which is a recording of the performance (Rozlúčka s otcom, 2020).

Andrea Pézman is a graduate of graphic studios prof. Dušan Kállay (2005 - Mgr. Art.) And prof. Róbert Jančovič (2018 - ArtD.) At the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava, where she works as a teacher today. As part of her work, she participated in many workshops and exhibited in many places at home and abroad. In 2001 and 2004, he won the Most Beautiful Book of Slovakia award for the author's books Bird Flying and Communication. Her work 3D> html <(endless book) was selected in 2012 by the 50 best European authors' books, as part of the Artists´ Book on Tour - Artist Competition and Mobile Museum exhibited at the Austrian Museum of Applied Arts (MAK) in Vienna, in International Center for Graphics (MGLC) Ljubljana, at the National Technical Library in Prague, and was purchased in several collections (Mead Art Museum at Amherst College - USA, Austrian Museum of Applied Arts - Austria, Bratislava City Gallery, Turčianska Gallery Martin).