The Collection of Unrealized Thoughts

We cordially invite you to the opening of the exhibition THE COLLECTION OF UNREALIZED THOUGHTS, in HotDock Project Space!

The starting point of the exhibition project is the book Ouvres / Works from 2002, by the French artist, photographer and writer Edouard Levé. The book, which collects 533 concepts of works that has not yet been realized, is a rich source of inspiration. The exhibition THE COLLECTION OF UNREALIZED THOUGHTS is the first effort to comprehensively grasp and directly inspire by the Levé´s genius, which he was considered to be by his contemporaries.

The Bratislava exhibition in HotDock Project Space is a direct follow-up to the previous presentation of works, which took place at the ESAP Monaco in Pavilion Bossio. The opening of the event was planned for April 6, 2021 with a duration until April 9, 2021.

The whole project is the result of an international collaboration between the École Supérieure d’Arts Plastiques (Monaco) & the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava (Department of Intermedia) & the Curatorial Studies Institute (Bratislava).

The authors of the exhibited works are:

  • Alexandra Gašparovič
  • Quentin Gargano Dumas
  • Sisi Liu
  • Margot Alfieri
  • Aimée Fleury
  • Léa Vincensini
  • Katalina Cearca
  • Élise Leleu
  • Paul Bouniot

The exhibition was prepared by the curatorial team of the Curatorial Studies Institute:

  • Kristína Hermanová
  • Soňa Holičková
  • Kristýna Mikešová
  • Caroline Mokrohajská
  • Katarína Snopčoková
  • Viktória Mračková

The project was organized under the leadership of:

  • Laurant P. Berger, Renaud Layrac, Mathilde Roman (ESAP Pavillon Bossio Monaco)
  • Juraj Čarný (Curatorial Studies Institute, Bratislava)
  • Jaroslav Kyša (AFAD, Studio of Spatial Communications+, Bratislava)
  • Juraj Rattaj (HotDock Project Space Bratislava)

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