Test how you handle a pandemic mentally

Since the beginning of the global pandemic, our mental health has passed the test of resilience. This test will help you test your current mental health and tell you how you manage a pandemic mentally. (This test is available only in slovak language.)

Student council of universities together with the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic (Behavioral and Experimental Economic Team) launched a campaign focused on the mental health of students, which we consider to be an extremely important topic. The aim is first to find out how students are doing in terms of mental health through anonymous questionnaires and then, based on the results, another procedure will be agreed to improve mental well-being. Please forward to students and possibly. sharing on your social networks with the suggested wording below.

The test takes approximately 10 minutes.

The test was prepared by the Behavioral and Experimental Economic Team of the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic.

Click this link to run the test.