We cordially invite you to the opening and exhibition SOMEBODIES SOMEWHERES SOMETHINGS Jana Hojstričová, Michal Huba, Dominika Jackulikova, Jana Ilková, Ľuboš Kotlar, Ema Lančarovičová, Dominika Ličková, Kristina Ligačová, Lenka Lindak Lukačovičová, Kvet Nguyen, Ľubo Stacho, Olja Triaška Stefanović Tatiana Takačová from the Department of Photography and New Media of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava


  • Gallery on the West Terrace of Bratislava Castle


  • Opening: 6/7/2023, 6 p.m

  • Duration of the exhibition: 7. - 31. 7. 2023

    • Opening hours: Wednesday - Sunday 3 p.m. – 7 p.m.

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  • Curator: Miroslava Urbanová
  • Exhibition architect: Peter Liška
  • Visuals: Ondrej Urban


About the exhibition

In the daily digital flow of dematerialized photographic images, which affects our vision of the world in the network of instagramable snapshots, it is interesting to observe what topics and strategies are used by photographers with an art education when communicating with the public. On the one hand, the exhibition Somebodies Somewheres Somethings deliberately avoids and at the same time refers in its title to the traditional genres of portraiture, capturing landscapes or architecture, and still lifes. It focuses on a more open field associated not with the representation of persons, places and things, but on how the perception of our physicality, the experience of different spaces or the targeted focus on objects on the edge of interest, give us the opportunity to create different non-normative identities and alternative storytelling. At the same time, it perceives the timeless potential of photography in creating memories and emotional bonds across time and space. The exhibition presents fragments of projects by members of the Department of Photography and New Media of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava.


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