Savage Season of late capitalism

Evil with no body is an incubator of hatred. The corporate dream transformed into a nightmare and we are lost in all the versions of what is known as Truth. We craved Truth for so long, the only truthful thing left is our subjective experience of our everyday reality and our empirical knowledge. Now we only desire some physical matter that will serve as an embodiment of the evil we fear, so we can enact revenge, condemning the hapless scapegoats to serve a sentence for crimes committed by no one.

Artists: Philipp Kolychev, Šimon Sýkora

Curator: Linda Vondrová

Poster for exhibition Savage Season of late capitalism

Alleged democracies tie our hands during our call for a change. Yet, we too perpetuate the system that is destroying us. In order to survive, we support the corporate moloch we feed and hate at the same time. If we can’t localize the evil in which we live, and actively participate in, away from ourselves, we inevitably succumb to self-destruction.
Are we really that different from a skinhead or a paranoiac? What we find in antifascism others find in conspiracy theories.
The bread heads of the artists hanging over the installation are a reminder of us being the co-creators of our reality, and that in our frustrations, we are not alone.