SAIA webinars: Austria-Slovakia cooperation 30/01, 07/02, 22/02

The International Office of AFAD and Support and Counseling Center recommend to the attention of students and teachers the SAIA webinars regarding the submission of applications for scholarships and project cooperation with a focus on Austria.


we would like to inform you that another call for applications for scholarships and project cooperation is currently open as part of the Austria-Slovakia Action, cooperation in science and education program. At the same time, we would like to inform you that more information on the current call will be presented at...

SAIA webinars:

  • AUSTRIA - scholarships and grants for research stays and project cooperation

  • AUSTRIA - scholarships for students and doctoral students for study and research stays

  • AUSTRIA - and summer German language courses


More details

Scholarship categories:

Those interested in scholarship stays in Austria can apply in the following categories:

  • Scholarships Actions for 2nd-level university students to prepare a diploma thesis (1,250 euros/month),
  • Research grants Actions for doctoral students (1,250 euros/month),
  • Research scholarships Actions for scientific and pedagogical workers within 10 years of completing the PhD. / non-habilitated (1,400 euros/month).
  • Scholarships Actions for summer language schools - in 2024, students and doctoral students from the humanities and arts can apply for scholarships for summer language schools: historical sciences and archaeology, philological and literary sciences, philosophical sciences, ethics, religious studies and theological sciences, sciences of arts and other fields of humanities (the scholarship covers course fees, accommodation and a stipend of 750 euros).
    • The basic schedule of this call is:

      • Deadline for submitting applications: 15 March 2024
      • Selection of scholarship recipients: late April
      • Start of stay: no earlier than three months from the closing date
  • Scholarships: Actions for short-term stays of 1-3 days (90 euros/day)
    • applications in this category are accepted on an ongoing basis.


Students, doctoral students, scientific and teaching staff from state, public or private universities in Slovakia and from the Slovak Academy of Sciences can apply for the scholarship.


SAIA Scholarships Austria Slovakia spring 2024PDF, 952 KB


As part of project cooperation

It is possible to apply in the following category:

  • support of initiative projects within the Action - within this area of support, project partners choose the topics and activities they need to fulfill their goals (the so-called "bottom-up" approach), while these projects must be in accordance with the goals of the Action (max. EUR 6,000 per year - 12 consecutive months).
    • The basic schedule of this call is:

      • Deadline for submitting applications: 15 March 2024
      • Project approval: late April
      • Start of project implementation: no earlier than four months from the closing date


SAIA projects Austria Slovakia spring 2024PDF, 1.28 MB


More details

Interested parties can find details about the program on the website, while the interested party can also use consultations and advice in 5 workplaces of SAIA in Slovakia.