Richard Zozulák: Status Quo

We invite you to the premiere exhibition of sculptor Richard Zozulák on the premises of the Regional Gallery in Prešov

  • Venue:

    • Regional Gallery in Prešov, Hlavná 51, 080 01 Prešov – Suterén 49
  • Opening: Monday March 23, 2023 o 4 p. m.

    • exhibition duration: March 23. - May 28, 2023



Zozulak Status Quo - poster


Richard Zozulák (*1977 Košice)

1991 – 1995 Secondary school of applied arts in Košice, department of ceramics. 1995 – 2001 University of Fine Arts in Bratislava, department of sculpture (studio of Prof. Juraj Bartusz, Prof. Juraj Meliš). 2000 – 2001 Academy of Fine Arts Prague, studio of monumental creation (Prof. Aleš Veselý). He participates in several domestic and foreign symposia. He exhibited not only in Slovakia but also abroad – Wolsburg, Beijing.



Exhibition curator: Mgr. Alžbeta Chovancová

The premiere exhibition of the Košice sculptor Richard Zozulák in the premises of the Regional Gallery in Prešov presents a selection from his current sculptural work, which in its essence expresses the complexity of today's world. Richard Zozulák is a graduate of the sculpture department at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava (studio of Prof. Juraj Bartusz, Prof. Juraj Meliš) and in his more than twenty years of work, he focuses specifically on civilizational themes. The dominant element for the expression of his subjective thoughts, moods and feelings has become the human figure, which he confronts with real or imaginary space. By abstracting its shapes, it expresses the actuality of a time saturated with a fast pace and an increasingly frequent feeling of loneliness. The silhouettes of the figures freely placed in the space are an expression of the feeling of an individual perceiving the complexity of relationships and the hurried time floundering in a cyclically closed space. The directly deformed figures multiply the feeling of hopelessness and the desire to break out of the cycle of time losing its human face.